Creating a Dataset from Google Image Search Results

If you wish to create an image classifier and want to use the data from Google Image Search results, and want to exclude some of the images, you can use this bookmarklet gi2ds (drag it to your bookmarks bar and click on it after your search). Then you can click on the images you want to exclude. A list is generated for you with all the relevant image-urls for you to process further.

gi2ds is intened to help you when creating an image dataset based on a google images query. It allows you to exclude images that are not relevant by toggling them on and off by clicking on them. Default is that all images are included. The urls are found in a popup down to the right. To get all available images you need to scroll all the way down for more images to load, also pressing the show more results button and continuing scrolling in order to get all the pictures available.

For more info, the code, see GitHub

Inspiration comes from this years course (v3) where i am attending as an International Fellow. The course will be available to the public in January 2019


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