DeepMinds AlphaZero beat the strongest open-source chess engine

We know that computers have beat humans in chess, that was a great breakthrough and a milestone in AI.
The worlds strongest AI for chess, called Stockfish was recently dethroned by a deep reinforcement AI by Googles DeepMind called AlphaZero.

Here is a walkthrough of the third game further explanation on “How Does AlphaZero Play Chess?

Titta på AlphaZero vs Stockfish Chess Match: Game 3 från Chess på

Image recognition and AI on a Raspberry Pi 3 using MobileNets and Neural Compute Stick

If you are building a robot driven by Raspberry Pi and want to use image recognition and object detection you may want to look into Googles Mobile Nets platform which lets you do use a several mobile-first computer vision models for TensorFlow, combined with an Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick on a Rasrberry PI 3.  The MobileNets platform is designed to be run on resource conservative devices while maintaining accuracy and the latter will give you an order of magnitude more compute power than running the detection on the raspberrys CPU.