Pretend that you are teaching yourself from two weeks ago

This blog is not intended to draw crowds. In fact, this is my current visitor tsunami:

The purpose of this blog is to be my personal notebook. A tool for allowing myself to remember “what was that link to that page now again?”. Also, if you want to learn, you have to teach others. If you have no platform to teach from, you can blog. There has been a barrier for me to post stuff online, and that is that i think that it needs to be perfect. One tends to imagine a certain visitor group and what they will think if you write this or that, or if you don’t know something that should be obvious. Lower the bar I say. Imagine yourself from two weeks or a month ago and explain the stuff to him. He is all ears, and actually would benefit from the stuff you have to say. Also, he tends to like the things you like. So my recommendation to you, younger self, is to start putting your thoughts into text, and don’t be afraid what people will think.

Have a nice day.