DIY Wood fired Pizza oven from Stainless Steel Pipe

During the last years i have been interested in building a wood fired pizza oven. I have investigated many possibilities ranging from building a brick pompeii oven,  a barrel shaped brick oven or doing the gym-ball casting trick.

What i didn’t even consider in the beginning was using metal. Then i heard some good reviews about pizza oven made from sheet metal, (Uuni pro and such). That got me thinking that steel could also be an option in cases where you didn’t need to store the heat or make bread long after firing up the oven, only to make pizzas. Continue reading “DIY Wood fired Pizza oven from Stainless Steel Pipe”

DIY Fooball Rebounder

Made an adjustable Football rebounder to practice first touch in soccer. There is almost no loss in ball speed due to the tight strings. It is like a tennis racket. The string is a nylon string meant for weed whackers. it is tightened with bolts on the side. The rebounder can be aligned in different angles so you can practice retrieving both high and low balls. There will be a youtube video about the build at some stage.

Continue reading “DIY Fooball Rebounder”

DIY Sauna with hidden SPA / Bathtub

Foto by Maria Hedengren

OMG! A hidden bathtub in a sauna?

We had to do a bathroom renovation and i decided to redesign and build our Sauna. The space is quite small, so we wanted to use it as efficiently as possible. When we planned the bathroom, we could not fit a bathtub, but we wanted one, so i decided to integrate it in the sauna. (Read more for pictures of the SPA) Continue reading “DIY Sauna with hidden SPA / Bathtub”