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I made a wolf detector.

It can tell if an image of a canine is a wolf or not. It can distinguish between a very wolf like dog and a wolf. It is a binary classificator, and has been trained on thousands of images on all dog and wolf breeds. I might connect it to a wildlife camera at some stage and do some interesting things with it.

In order to not having the background interfere with the classifier (wolf images are generally in the nature, and dog images often in urban areas), other wild animals have also been included in the training data.

In order to generate a sufficient amount of training data, i created a tool to acquire images from google image search, where you can exclude non relevant images and retrieve the urls to all the images you wish to use.

The ui is a quick prototype. You can test it here: http://wolf-detector.herokuapp.com/ (The app will load slowly at first as it will boot a herokuapp instance if it has not been accessed the last 30 minutes. It was free hosting 🙂 and good enough for a prototype)