DIY Wood fired Pizza oven from Stainless Steel Pipe

During the last years i have been interested in building a wood fired pizza oven. I have investigated many possibilities ranging from building a brick pompeii oven,  a barrel shaped brick oven or doing the gym-ball casting trick.

What i didn’t even consider in the beginning was using metal. Then i heard some good reviews about pizza oven made from sheet metal, (Uuni pro and such). That got me thinking that steel could also be an option in cases where you didn’t need to store the heat or make bread long after firing up the oven, only to make pizzas.

The build i came up with is inspired by the Pizza oven made by Pete’s Shredder. It is made up from Stainless Steel pipe with a hatch for adding firewood/kindling at the back.

Here are the pictures from the build process.




The oven makes fantastic pizzas but does not store heat as a brick oven would. The bottom stones store heat though, and if you heat it up a lot then there might be a big difference in the temperature of the stone and the air. If the stones are too hot compared to the air, you might get a burned bottom with running topping.

To remedy this, I sometimes add a cast iron frying pan on the stones to soak up some heat in between pizzas.

Another thing i will tink about if i make another oven is to take thermal expansion into account. Everything is now welded together leaving no room for play. So something is going to bend. In my case it was the floor (as can be seen in the last picture) and the back wall where the hatch is. It is nothing i can’t live with but in futre models i would leave some gaps for the metal to expand.

Anyway, iIam glad you read this far. If you enjoyed the build, say hello in the comments 🙂

It might be that the next project in this genre is to make a brick oven. I am playing with the idea of making your own fire bricks as I have access to clay.

DIY Laptop stand for exercise bike

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