DIY Fooball Rebounder

Made an adjustable Football rebounder to practice first touch in soccer. There is almost no loss in ball speed due to the tight strings. It is like a tennis racket. The string is a nylon string meant for weed whackers. it is tightened with bolts on the side. The rebounder can be aligned in different angles so you can practice retrieving both high and low balls. There will be a youtube video about the build at some stage.

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DIY Wooden LOTR Swords for the Kids

During my summer vacation I built Lord of the Rings inspired wooden swords for the kids. I love these kinds of projects, where you just make something because you love the craft, and someone will be very happy with the result. The image on the cover is Sting (That Bilbo had, and handed over to Frodo). The other two are Orcrist (Goblin Cleaver, that Thorin Okenshield got) and the last one is Glamding (which is what Gandalf had). Three elven swords, made in Gondolin.

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