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The best feeling you can get is when you make someone smile…

Two summers ago (the summer of 2016) I built this tree house for the kids and their cousins at our family summer place. We had some extra lumber available that had been used for a temporary floor when the new summer house had been built. The wooden pillars we got for free from someone that had done some electrical maintenance on the island and didn’t want to freight them to the mainland.

As a kid I remember dreaming and planning the ultimate tree house that never got built. The kids have long wanted me to build a tree house for them, so why not i thought. But the idea of just making a box with a door didn’t appeal to me. I would build my dream tree house for them that I wasn’t capable of building myself when I was a kid.

Now we had all this material to build from, and the perfect spot, next to a small cliff so that you can have a drawbridge straight into the tree house.

It was fun to build.  A week of my summer vacation went into this project. But I  enjoyed it so much. Making things that give people smiles on their faces really gives me energy.

The best reward is always the smile you see, and when you peek out the window and you see the kids enjoying and playing in the house.

I made pulleys for the rope that hoists the drawbridge so that even Johannes that was five back then was able to pull up the rather heavy bridge (which even I struggled with when it had no pulleys).