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Foto by Maria Hedengren https://mariahedengren.com/

OMG! A hidden bathtub in a sauna?

We had to do a bathroom renovation and i decided to redesign and build our Sauna. The space is quite small, so we wanted to use it as efficiently as possible. When we planned the bathroom, we could not fit a bathtub, but we wanted one, so i decided to integrate it in the sauna. (Read more for pictures of the SPA)

At first glance it is just a nice sauna.

Foto by Maria Hedengren https://mariahedengren.com/

But then you open the space underneath the seat, to reveal a bathtub underneath (the “fence” slides down through the platform)

Foto by Maria Hedengren https://mariahedengren.com/

This is nice, since the kids often want to go in the bath while we are in the sauna when they get too hot.

You can also convert it to a SPA-area if you just want to take a calming bath.

Foto by Maria Hedengren https://mariahedengren.com/

There are three lighting sources. If you want it dark, you can just have the single led abouve stove lit, then there is a second set of leds underneath the foldable seat (the outermost three lights up the hatch to the tub when closed). The third is spread out in the roof. So you can set the lighting according to your mood.

Here are som other photos taken with a phone camera:

The fence can be lowered down to become level with the platform and function as it’s end-piece

There is a separate lighting series for the bathtub

The light is supposed to also illuminate the hatch (or whatever you would call it) when it is closed.

The stove is separated from the wood by a ston ring. The commercial ones were too expensive, so i made my own from a block of soapstone. For more details, click on the image to come to it’s own post..

The main leds illuminating the wall

The stove comes through the platform, that is removable for easy cleaning.

The Build

Here follows some build images. Feel free to skip them if you are not interested in how this was made. Otherwise, enjoy…

A nice trick when paneling horizontally is to have a square piece of wood in the corner, then the corner looks nice.

the light for the bathtub