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We decided we would like to have a chickens. For the chicken coop, the requirements were:

  • It shall be easy to clean
  • It shall be easy to access the eggs
  • It shall be comfy for the chickens

DIY Chicken coop frame

We picked a spot and I started building the frame, The section you see that is above ground will be the “indoor” for the chickens.

Added roof support

Plywood as the roof

The spot we decided to put it at. It is a bit far from the house though.

Protecting it from weather until the felt roof is on

Felt roof in progress. The first design iteration had the hatching nest on the side, but i moved it to the end. I spent a lot of time figuring out the path the chickens would take when entering the coop, jumping up to the roost bars and accessing the nests. (also avoiding them walking in their own droppings).

Decided to put the hatching nest at the end of the coop.

Adding panels, floor and window. It will be insulated with styrofoam sheets.

The final build. We determined the original location was too far from the house. We moved it closed. It was quite heavy. Had several friends over to move it.

From the side.

The hatching nests (they prefer dark and cramper places to lay their eggs)

Chickens moving in.

The rooster

The roosing bars is above a removable droppings tray. That provide manure for our compost.