DIY Automatic Pram Rocker

With every one of our child i have thought about building an automatic pram rocker. Now as our youngest is a baby and has had some problem sleeping I finally decided to build one.

Windscreen wipers motors are nice with high torque and a low rpm. I bought this one from a company that strips parts from retired cars.

I figured it will come under quite some stress so i decided to make the frame out of metal. I hade some angle iron from an old garage-shelf that I welded into this lovely and sturdy frame.
I powered it up with an old laptop power source that gave 12V.

This project was incredibly satisfying to implement, and it REALLY works. Makes her sleep like a baby.

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  1. Hi Christoffer, very nice idea, I would love to build one for our daughter…could you pls tell me how did you exactly connect it with 12V power source? It is necessary to look for specific motor suited for specific current or it doesn´t matter? Thanks a lot!

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