DIY Wakeskate from Plywood and EVA-foam

I made a nice and fun to use Wakeskate from think plywood glued together in a form with polyurethane glue. The top side has EVA-foam on the tail and fron and the side to enable ollies and flips. (More images inside)

I Glued the thin plywood sheets together and bent it in a form.
I Glued the thin plywood sheets together and bent it in a form.
DIY Wakeskate tracing the contour
I traced the contour of the Wakeskate by having the shape on a piece of paper that i flipped to create symmetry
DIY Wakeskate jiggsaw
I sawed the Wakeskate with a jigsaw
DIY Wakeskate shape in plywood
The finished shape after having vut it out with a jigsaw
DIY Wakeskate edge
I used a router to make the top side of the Wakeskate round
DIY Wakeskate edge with a router
Closeup on the wakeskate top edge, which is round, the bottom edge is sharp.
DIY Wakeskate laquer
Applied laquer. Several layers. I don’t remember the kind, but it has held water.
DIY Wakeskate paint job
Paint on the underside
DIY Wakeskate EVA-foam tail, nose and side risers
Bought a piece of EVA foam to put at the nose tail and side risers.
DIY Wakeskate nose, tail kickflip edge from EVA-foam
Shaped the EVA foam of the Wakeskate tail, nose and side edge
DIY Wakeskate underside
The underside of the DIY Wakeskate
DIY Wakeskate grip material from yogamat
Cut a piece from a Yoga mat as the grip surface for the wakeskate
DIY Wakeskate yogamat surface
Glued the yogamat to the wakeskate
DIY Wakeskate
Finished Wakeskate build
DIY Wakeskate
Another angle, the bumps on the side are for kickflips and such.

DIY Wakeskate

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