DIY Stone Ring for Sauna Stove

Created a stone ring to separate the Sauna stove from the wood.

Cutting soapstone with saw
It all started with a slab of leftover soapstone. that i cut in half to get enough material to work with.
I may have ended up using a large angle grinder with a diamond blade when i entered some non soapstone material that did not want to be cut with wooden tools
DIY sauna stove stone ring
Drew templates so the stones would fit around the sauna stove.

Cutting soapstone for DIY sauna stove ring
Cut them with an angle grinder with a diamond disc
DIY sauna stove ring
4 rough pieces
DIY sauna stove ring
Did some filing
Shape is finished. DIY sauna stove ring
Shape is finished
Test fitting haf done DIY sauna stove ring
Test fitting
Polishing DIY sauna stove ring
Polishing time. I think i had 2000 and 2500 grit, They became quite smooth.
Smooth polished DIY sauna stove ring
Look how nice and smooth they are
DIY sauna stove ring
Nice looking shadows from the single led above the stove

In the next post you can see the actual sauna (With it’s hidden secret)

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