DeepMind and Blizzard releases Starcraft II as an AI research environment

AIs learning to play atari games are very impressive, beating Go champions was an eye opener to the world. Now DeepMind together with Blizzard releases Starcraft II as an ai research environment
It will be very interesting to see what happens and to try it out.

I have attempted at creating AI scripts for Age of Empires II (which is the best game ever btw) and there are quite good scripts for it. It is however limited by the API that the scripting engine in AOE2 has, and there the scripts are just looped over and over again and if a condition is met, that particular rule is executed.

In this case, you will get a half a million anonymized game replays, a machine learning API, a connection between DeepMinds toolset and Blizzards API.

It will be very interesting to see how deep learning can take on this.
I can imagine we will se pro-like reactions to be used agains user tactics. When you are scripting an ai for instance for AOE2, you need to take a whole bunch of tactics into account. And once you know how an ai script behaves you can easily beat it. Even thought the “new” ai script made for the newest releases for AOE2HD are considered very difficuly, you can beat it by tower rushing it, making it impossible for the computer to gain an economy advantage since the towers keep them form gathering resources. The benefit of the AI is often that it can multitask.

I can imagine that deep with reinforcement learning the computer will generate tactics to counter pro gamers. I quess however, that it will take a year or two before we see deep learning beat pro-gamers.

I hope to see some very interesting games…

On the other hand. I am not sure that i think it is that very good to put the efforts of AI research into developing war strategy machine learning.

Here is the paper.

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