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LEGO Instructions – Where to find them?

After years of cleaning, you have moved a couple of times or the time has just passed, some of your old LEGO instructions will be missing and you might want to be able to build that awesome Castle, Space Station or Pirate Ship you had, but where do you find the same instruction manuals again?

Well, there are several sources for finding LEGO instructions. Firstly, LEGO has made public many of their popular LEGO instructions that you can download for free from their webpage. It is only a bit difficult to navigate and find the one you are looking for.

Downloading LEGO Instructions from


Lego has got a service where you can download most of the popular Lego instructions for free. So that is great! These Lego instructions are also of the best quality for printing (although you need to make sure you choose the correct paper size). Here is a sample building manual for Medieval Market Village.
Here is the link to the service:

Searching for Lego instructions at

I guess the easiest way to find a certain lego instruction is to select a theme (unless you happen to know the number of the set you are looking for). Unfortunately the user interface and navigation overview is not so good on the site.

Bad user interface at lego's site for downloadable building instructions

After you find the Lego instructions you are looking for you can download a pdf that you can print out or just view on the computer.

LEGO Instructions from

The first site I encountered that offered downloadable LEGO instructions was Here you find scans of the traditional LEGO SYSTEM building instructions. There are  a lot of LEGO instructions available for downloading or printing but i have noticed that the site itself is rather slow. Here you will find links to different themes, such as Adventurers lego, Aquazone lego, BASIC Lego, Batman lego, Bonus Packs, Castle lego, Creator lego, Designer lego, Disney lego, Exo-Force lego, Floating Boats, FreeStyle, Harry Potter lego, Inventor, LEGO ISLAND, Life On Mars, Mars Mission, Minifigures, Model Team, Ninjago, Pirate lego, Samsonite, Soccer lego (Football Lego), Space Lego, SpongeBob Squarepants Lego, Star Wars Lego, Supplemental, Town Lego, Train Lego, Underground, Vikings and Western.

Lego instructions for Castle Lego from Peeron

When you open a certain theme, for instance Star Wars Lego or Castle Lego, you can either go to a list of all the instructions in that theme, or you can choose to narrow the results down by selecting a sub-theme, or a release date. When you have the criteria you want, you click the link there it says “x instruction scans” (where x is the amount that was found for that theme) and you will have a list that hopefully contains the LEGO instructions you are looking for. I added some shortcut links (so you won’t have to navigate so much) to pages on Peeron that you might be interested in.

Castle Lego Instrunctions

Star Wars Lego Instructions

Town Lego Instructions

For other themes within LEGO SYSTEM, go here. For other LEGO types, (such as Bionicle or Technic) go here.

LEGO Instructions from Brickfactory

Brickfactory is a place where people upload Lego instructions they have scanned. The navigation is a bit non-user friendly but you find the Lego instructions you want by going to and choosing a desired theme in the dropdown list located at the top of the page.

Lego Instructions from Brickfactory

When you first come to the page, the first element in the dropdown list is selected, which is “4 juniors” and thus you only see instructions for juniors there, but just locate the dropdown up above and choose the theme you are looking for

Lego Instructions for a certain theme

After you choose a theme you can see the Lego instructions available for that theme. And then you just open the Lego manual you are interested in.

Looking at LEGO Instructions

It took a while to figure out how to navigate to the next page in the instruction, but then i found ut :) In the top part of the screen there is a blue navigation bar that you can use to go forward and backward in the Lego manual. Unfortunately they are not very printable nor of extremely good quality so you need to have your have a computer at hand when you are using them.


LEGO Instructions – How to make them?

Did you know that you can Make your own LEGO Instructions, It isn’t even that difficult. The first time i looked at LEGO drawing programs they looked a bit intimidating, but then i tried to make my own lego instructions and it went quite well, so i documented how to do it in the article Make your own LEGO Instructions.

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