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I built a brewery from a steam kettle. It is powered by 2 heating elements. It was inspired by Spiedels Braumeister.

I recieved a broken steam kettle (from a school kitchen) for free.

  I had some scrap metal laying around. 

Took the kettle in.

Started to build a new stand for it, that could tilt, and a crane for hoisting up the malt container.

Here it is taking shape.

Added the kettle

Made a malt container from a stainless steel pipe, Added stainless steel mesh plates in the bottom to prevent malt from escaping and mixing with the circulating wort.

The finished design.

The malt is contained in the inner pipe and the wort is circulated from the outside to the inside. I later skipped this approach and ordered a large nylon bag instead (Brew in a Bag style)